Decor Detail: Flags

I’ve decided that I’m in love with flags. I know this is temporary, as with most things made of paper. Give me a couple months and I’ll be moving on. BUT, for now, I love them. I love them in a banner, I love them on top of cupcakes and cakes, I love them in any color and pattern, really put them anywhere and I bet you they look good. I must admit my love for flags came out of being tired of those cupcake toppers that are a circle glued to a stick (trust, I have used these many times and they’ve been brilliant). Growing a little tired of those, and also of fondant toppers that no one really wants to eat*, I discovered a new love of the flag. Now, you’re right, it’s just a flag on a stick (quite similar to the circle on a stick) – but maybe it just feels a bit more natural? Whatever it is, I think there are more options with the flag. And I love it. Check out these fabulous fabric ones on Style Me Pretty. Gorgeous, right?

Here are some I recently tackled for a pending zoo birthday – more on those party details to come in the next month or so, but you have to admit that these flags will add a little something to a batch of cupcakes!

*(ps, I’m not walking away from fondant toppers, they’re just too dang cute)

Cupcake Flags

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